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Posted 3/26/22

Happy Spring Hawk Families! 

I hope all of you are enjoying the last few days of spring break. There is a lot to celebrate at this point of the year and much to look forward to as we have approximately nine weeks left of this academic year!

First and foremost-HH PTSA has come through once again to support the outstanding technology teacher position and program. 

Because of the many Hawk families participating in the PTSA direct donation fund drive that was held in the fall, the PTSA was able to help fund the majority of the technology teacher position and program that is critical to learning at HH.

A huge thank you to all who have supported the PTSA! It does make a difference for the students at Humphrey. Some of you may not know that the PTSA has funded this program and teacher position for over 24 years.

Once again for the 22-23 school year, the PTSA has championed this program and teacher position, which is essential and critical for student and staff learning.

HH is one of the few elementary schools that has a full-time technology teacher who teaches every grade K-5. This position was most critical to Humphrey’s success when we were in virtual learning for the past year and a half! Thank you again to all who contributed this past fall to the direct donation fund.

In spite of the many learning challenges during the past two years, Humphrey Hawks have soared with their current i-Ready assessments. I am sure all of you are aware of your child’s academic growth during last week’s student-led conferences. It is with great pride to know that any academic loss from the last two years has been recouped and then some! 

Grades 3rd-5th will participate in the NMSSA (New Mexico State Standard Assessment) formerly known as the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) beginning Tuesday, April 5 through Thursday, April 21.  All 3rd through 5th-grade teachers will be sending home the specific testing schedule soon. It is imperative that all 3rd-5th grade students arrive at school on time during the testing sessions. Also, it is asked ahead of time, that parents schedule any appointments after their child’s class assessments are completed. More specific information to follow soon. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this state-mandated testing requirement. We are excited to see the academic growth for all of our Hawks-grades 3rd-5th!

Moving forward-with covid restrictions easing up, we have been given the green light by the district to open the campus with parameters. Before spring break, as a staff, we discussed volunteers in the classroom. 

Some teachers will be welcoming classroom helpers, and other teachers will continue as it is without volunteers in their rooms for the remainder of the school year.

The teachers that will have volunteers in their classroom will have two volunteers a day based on the teacher’s needs. Please know that setting up for classroom helpers (as amazing and helpful as volunteers are) is a lot of work for the classroom teachers. Please wait to hear from your child’s teacher if they would like to utilize volunteers in their classroom. 

Your understanding is appreciated if your child’s teacher will not be requesting volunteers in your child’s class. Know that every classroom where volunteers are allowed will practice safe and social distancing.

Lastly, in order to volunteer in the classroom, all volunteers must complete the APS background check. School Secretary Cash Money has a list of 33 parents that have a current background clearance. Give him a call beginning Monday, March 28, to see if you are one of the 33 parents. If you do not have a current background check,  you can find the application for the background clearance on the APS webpage under “Volunteers”.

Our playground will be open to parents before and after school dismissal. We ask that when the lineup bell rings, to please let your children line up on their own as they have been since August. 

All the playground gates will be locked at 9:00am. If you are a late arrival, you will need to buzz the front office to be let in. We are in the midst of receiving a new security system for the entire school. Visitors will not be allowed on campus unless they are buzzed into the front office door. This will be the only point of entry for the school.

Also, the kindergarten gates will remain closed. At dismissal time, if parents are picking up their children from the kindergarten classroom, they will be able to meet their children at the MPR grassy area. The kinder teachers and staff will make sure to walk the students out to this spot.

The Health room will continue to bring students, who are sick, out to the waiting parents in their cars. This process will cut down on the disruption of parents having to park the car, being buzzed into the school, signing the sick child out in the office and then proceed to the Health Room-which can be a very busy place sometimes! Nurse Farley and Ms. Thomas (HH Health Assistant) have the process down and will help any parent who is not familiar with this new system. 

I know the past two years have been a steep learning curve for all of us! We here at Humphrey, appreciate all of our parents who have supported us on this learning journey. We could not have done this without you and most importantly the most valuable asset you share with us-your child! 

Here’s to a GREAT nine weeks!

Paula K. Miller


Hubert H. Humphrey Elementary