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Posted 3/31/21

March 30, 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 In-Person/Virtual School Year! We are so excited to welcome back students on site to Hubert Humphrey! Here are some of the guidelines and rules that we will be following:

    •    Please have all students come to school in a mask and pack an extra just in case it is needed. We will provide a mask to students that have forgotten one. Unfortunately,  gators are not allowed.
    •    Students will be kept three feet apart as much as possible, so please prepare your child for what this means. They will wash hands often and areas throughout the  school will be continually sanitized. Teachers will be educating students and families on how this and other safety procedures will look in their classrooms. 
    •    Please do a passive Covid pre-screening (temperature check, looking for Covid symptoms…) from home before sending your child to school. Please do not send children to school sick. If your child gets sick at school with possible Covid symptoms, the school nurse will follow all safety protocols and notify you immediately. 
    •    Please have students come to school with a full water bottle and a back-up. We only have one water filler for the whole school to share. By doing this, you can help us alleviate too many students needing to fill water bottles. 
    •    Please have students bring their charged and ready devices to school. If your child forgets their device, you will be called to bring it in if possible.  
    •    Pull-out classes for remote learners will be pre-recorded. Live sessions may be scheduled if possible. 
    •    At this time, we do not have bus service to Hubert Humphrey, but we will let you know if and when this becomes an option in the future, hopefully soon.

Morning Drop Off Procedures:

    •    Students may be dropped off between 8:45 and 9:00 AM. They will be instructed to go directly to their classroom (there is no before school recess) and their teacher will be waiting to receive them. If any student is unsure where their classroom is, we will have plenty of duty teachers to show them where to go. 
    •    We encourage all families to use the student drop off lane in the back of the school. If you have a student that would like to walk to school, they may walk to campus and go directly to class.
    •    When dropping your student off, please stay in your vehicle and have students exit on the passenger side. 
    •    Parents that are walking with their student will be asked at certain locations on the edge of campus to say goodbye to their child and the students will go from there directly to their classroom. At this time, parents are not allowed on campus. 


    •    Only one grade level at a time will be at recess at any given time. 
    •    The upper playground and field will be used to allow for lots of distancing. 
    •    Students will not be allowed to bring any of their own recess equipment including any type of ball to school.  We have play equipment that will be continually sanitized and put out for students to enjoy. 


    •    Lunch will consist of a 15 minute lunch and a 15 minute recess. 
    •    Only one grade level will eat at a time in either the cafeteria or the Multi-purpose Room/Outdoor amphitheater. The space will be sanitized before a new grade level comes in. 
    •    Students can bring their own lunches if they would like. If they would like to have a meal from the cafeteria, they may. All meals are free for the remainder of the school year. 
    •    If your student goes to before school care with Children’s Choice, they will continue to have the option to be served breakfast.
    •    We will not be opening the cafeteria to anyone but Children’s Choice in the morning, so if your student requires breakfast before school, please notify your child’s teacher so that they can work this out. 
    •    Snacks will be allowed so make sure your student brings at least one snack to school with them. Your classroom teacher will be going over the snack procedures with your student. 

Afternoon Pick-up Procedures:

    •    We will have a staggered pick-up schedule. 
    •    The Kinder, First and Second Grade students who will go to car pick-up will be released to parent car pick-up at 3:20 PM except on Wednesday when it will be 12:45 PM. K-2 walkers, bussers, and any children that go to Children’s Choice after school will be released at 3:40 PM (1:00 PM on Wednesdays.) Any older siblings in 3-5th grade will also be released on this same schedule to keep families together. 
    •    All other Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students will be released at 3:40 PM. This includes all car pick-up students, walkers, Children’s Choice students, and bus students (when applicable.)
    •    As stated, students walking home will be released at 3:40 PM (1:00 on Wednesdays.) At this time, we do not have an area on campus for parents to wait for their students after school. We ask that unless you have a student old enough to walk themselves off campus, you use the car pick-up lane. 

Office Access:

    •    Parents will not be allowed in the school or office. 
    •    If your child is late to school, you will need to call the office at 821-4981 ext.0 and someone will open the front door to greet your child. Please remain in your car. Should there be chronic tardy issues, we will politely ask that you consider the virtual learning option. 
    •    If your child will be absent or needs to do virtual learning for any reason, please do not call the office, but communicate directly with your child’s classroom teacher. 
    •    If your student has an appointment in the middle of the day, we ask that you keep them home for virtual learning if possible. If an emergency arises in the middle of the day or you need to pull your student out early, please call the office at 821-4981 ext. 0 and we will arrange for an early release. 


    •    At this time, volunteers are not allowed in the classroom. If you would like to be more involved in our school community, please reach out to the PTSA (Parent-Teacher-  Student Association.) A list of contacts can be found on the school website ( the Parents  PTSA tab. 

Thank you so much for being part of our wonderful community! Even though school will look different for the remainder of the school year, we are so excited! If you have further questions about any of the above, please first direct them to your classroom teacher and we will get you an answer as quick as possible.  We can do this! Go Hawks!

Enthusiastically in your service!

Paula K. Miller
Hubert Humphrey Elementary School