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Posted 2/17/21

                                                                        February 17, 2021


Dear Humphrey Families~


Who would have thought that almost a year later, I am writing this type of email to you about school possibly opening?!? I would have NEVER guessed that it has been almost a year since we have seen each other in person.


Tonight, APS School Board will meet to decide if and how school should open. You can watch the board meeting live on-line, that link is located on the APS home webpage if you are interested.


Even though I have not received direction from the Zone 4 Associate Superintendent nor Superintendent’s office-I believe it is important that the HH community knows how the campus and your child’s classroom will look in the event school will open. Please remember that this information/direction could change.


The information I am sharing with you is a framework based on the CDC and DOH guidelines that ALL schools have been directed to follow.  


  • HVAC has been inspected twice and is fully functioning based on the DOH/CDC guidelines. The main building, Kindergarten wing and ALL portables have passed inspection twice.


  • WIFI connection is optimal. APS Technology department does not foresee any school outages with up to 50% of the student population and staff being on campus at any given time. This will not impact the HH WIFI performance.


  • As of this writing-we are waiting for our second inspection from the ABQ Fire Marshall. The Fire Marshall will be checking to ensure all classrooms meet the CDC/DOH regulations that desks, tables are 6 feet apart along with the classroom having minimal furniture arrangements.


  • The Gym, Library and Cafeteria can serve up to 35 students safely at a time using the 6 feet of social distancing as the guideline.


  • Each classroom located in the main building and portable has a capacity of 12 people. This means that every classroom is set up with 6 feet social distancing and minimal classroom furniture set-up. The kinder classrooms have a capacity of 17 people that follow the 6 feet of social distancing and minimal furniture.




  • Parents will not be allowed on campus.
  • No before school recess
  • Possible staggered arrival and dismissal time.
  • ALL students will bring their devices (iPad or Chrome Book) and charger to school every day.
  • At this time-only 2 entry points are allowed for school entry and dismissal. Drive through/Pick-up and a Walker Drop off. More detailed information to follow.




  • FOR ALL GRADE LEVELS (K-5) whether in person or remote-all students will continue to learn on-line-hence why students need to bring their devices with them on their designated school days. If a student is in person-they will have their curriculum delivered “on-line” from the teacher-who will present the lesson either on their laptop or Promethean Board. The teacher will maintain a proper 6 feet distance from all “in-person” students while delivering the daily curriculum. More detailed information to follow.


  • For the in-person student-there will be no hands-on activity small group lesson rotation as we have done in past (March 2020).


  • Students A-L will be in-person Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is asynchronous for ALL students. M-Z will be in person Thursday and Friday.


  • The teacher will deliver curriculum in the same way for all remote learners as they do now only it will be from their classroom along with the hybrid learners.


  • All teachers, EA’s and student teachers will be 6 feet from all in-person students at all times.


  • Mask wearing is mandatory for ALL staff and students every day.




  • Recess is designated by classroom to a certain area on the playground. Students will have their recess with their classroom only.




  • In the event school is open-Children Choice will be on campus only before and after school. Again-this direction could change.


If school is allowed to open, I will be holding a school wide virtual meeting to present an in-depth video that will provide more insights to the above information along with 411 regarding pull-outs, high touch cleaning, playground cleaning, passive screening, bathroom safety, cafeteria rules, hallway etiquette, etc.


At this time-I would appreciate if you would hold off on asking specific detail questions to me regarding this above information. I believe it is important at this time that you have a global understanding of what opening a school could look like. 


At this time-any of the above 411 I have given you could or can change-please trust me that you will have an opportunity to ask questions as we receive clearer direction from the APS School Board.



Thank you as always for your support in these unprecedented uncharted educational times-


Enthusiastically in Your Service (really!)

Paula K. Miller


Hubert Humphrey ES