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Posted 1/11/21

January 10, 2021

Happy New Year Humphrey Families~

The other day, being the designated driver for my husband , who is recovering from a near fatal head on collision as he was hit by a drunk driver, we had to run a brief errand to my husband’s son house.

I noticed that my daughter-in-law (a human resources specialist for the forest service) had two computers set up on her kitchen table so that she could work from home.

 My husband’s son was in one of the bedrooms remotely teaching his 6th grade Language Arts class to his students at Laguna-Acoma Middle School.

My husband’s 7-year-old grandson was sitting in a cute little desk by his mom diligently involved in his own on-line school work. He is in the SCS Autism program at Dennis Chavez ES.

It made me think of all of you and how so many of you are experiencing similar shifts in your normal routine. I am so amazed at this community. I truly appreciate how committed all of you are to your child’s education. Thank you for supporting and making this memorable school year successful!

In the beginning of December-you were asked to complete an on-line survey about your child returning to school. Thank you all for taking the time to do the on-line survey.

Tuesday, January 19 was the target date to begin limited school in person.

Contingent to opening all APS Elementary schools is that Bernalillo County needed to be in green consistently for two weeks.

At this time, Bernalillo County has been in the red zone and the deadline for meeting the green criteria has not been met.  

Also-when the elementary schools do open-Kindergarten will be the only grade level back first with 3 students only allowed for in person teaching daily.

More information will be forth coming when Bernalillo County reaches the green level.

Stay safe-we will see you soon!

Here are a few announcements for all of you.

January Events

MLK Day - Monday, January 18th - No School

PTSA General Zoom Meeting - Thursday, January 21st - 4:00pm

HAWKS NIGHT OUT - Thursday January 21st  Panda Express  Montgomery & Eubank 10:00am-10:00pm