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Posted 2/7/20

Attention Humphrey Families~


    Due to safety concerns and several parents who have been disrespectful to duty teachers, I requested APS and APD police to observe Friday dismissal traffic along with parking and people being compliant with speed limits. Based on their observations, here are the new changes that will be implemented immediately.


First and foremost, parents cannot park in any yellow marked curbs. Failure to comply could result in a ticket or arrest. Yellow cones will also be put in front of the parking lot to stop cars from making U-turns on Academy Hills. Once again, this is an illegal driving maneuver and puts the community safety at risk.


Second-this is going to be a hard one~staff is not allowed to cross any parent or student on Academy Hills Drive. Beginning tomorrow morning (Monday), no student or parent will be walked across Academy Hills Drive. As pointed out by law enforcement, HH staff has no jurisdiction, no training nor protection when leaving APS property. It is a liability issue for staff to act as a crosswalk guard. Law Enforcement stated that there is a certified crosswalk located on Academy Hills and Concordia. This is only crosswalk to be used to bring your children onto campus.


Third-Law Enforcement also said there should be no parking on the east (resident) side of Academy Hills. However-if you chose to park on this side of the street without causing interference to the residents-you must exit on the EAST (resident) side of Academy Hills and not on the Academy Hills street. You will then walk your child to the Concordia and Academy Hills crosswalk to be crossed by the city crossing guards to then walk your child onto campus. Please make sure you park in an appropriate spot in the Humphrey neighborhood if you chose to walk your child on campus.


Fourth-Law Enforcement also said that if you choose to have your children run across Academy Hills (when calling to them from your car at dismissal OR doing a drop off) , it is not safe. Staff members will be directed to get license plates of parents who do not follow this direction.


Humphrey has a GREAT drop-off and pick up area in the back. This can be used if you are dropping or picking up your child. The drop-off pick-up area is safe, quick and efficient for dropping off and picking up your child. If you are unsure of how the drop-off and pick up lane works-instructions can be found in HH Handbook that is located on the HH website. 


Fifth-The back-parking lot is for staff only. Handicapped parking is for handicapped, period. Please make sure to have the handicapped placard displayed if you are using this spot. The handicapped parking spots are NOT to be used for a quick drop off or quick pick up.


I am wanting to make you aware that there will be law enforcement present here beginning Monday September 30. I do not know for how long, however law enforcement wants to make sure that everyone will be compliant with the new changes and understand that this is for the safety of the Humphrey community.


Thank you for your understanding and help in making the safety changes happen.


Hubert Humphrey Handbook